DESTINATION SPOTLIGHT: Unique Shops on the Amalfi Coast

DESTINATION SPOTLIGHT: Unique Shops on the Amalfi Coast

Located on the west side of the ankle on Italy’s boot, the Amalfi Coast is known for its unique landscape of limestone cliffs packed with colorful buildings that meet sandy beaches. The air is citrusy-sweet thanks to the lemon groves lining the entire coast for the production of limoncello liqueur, Amalfi’s most popular export. Along with limoncello, the Amalfi Coast is home to a plethora of craftsmen and designers selling authentic pieces that would put your magnet souvenir to shame. (Not that there’s anything wrong with a magnet souvenir. My fridge is covered with them!) I’ve gathered a short list on my favorite Amalfi Coast shops:

With over 500 years of paper-making experience, Amatruda is the Mecca for paper goods! This is the perfect place to buy your holiday cards or a new notebook with buttery, high-quality paper ready to be filled with your scribbles.

They say sent-memory is the strongest form of memory, so why not bring home a bottle of Amalfi-inspired perfume. Since 1948, Carthusia has been creating fragrances emulating the lush scents around the region.

Intarsia is a wood laying artform that has been around the region since the 14th century! Using the same technique for three family generations, Stinga Tarsia creates gorgeous designs in jewelry boxes, photo frames, mirrors, and more!

As I mentioned before, Amalfi is known for its delicious limoncello liqueur. Profumi dellaCostiera uses traditional recipes to create limoncello along with several other liqueurs. The liqueurs come in a range of designs from simple glass bottles to decorative ceramics that have been locally made.

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