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Why would anyone go to Houston for vacation? Well, if you’re a huge Dodgers fan like me, you’d be willing to travel anywhere to see them in the World Series. And while the World Series was not the outcome I was hoping for (We’ll get ‘em next year!), Houston ended up showing me a fantastic time!

Rediscover America Houston Texas World Series Dodgers Astros

Let’s start – as always – with the food! Was I the last person to learn that Houston was a foodie town? It was incredible! First off, we had breakfast at The Kitchen at the Dunlavy in a glass-tree house dining room overlooking The Buffalo Bayou Park. If the ambiance wasn’t enough, their Southern California inspired menu featured every kind of smoothie and toast topping your heart could ever want. One night, we had dinner at the Helen Greek Food and Restaurant, one of Houston’s top Greek restaurants, and I had a life-changing dessert. Warning, the following sentence may induce drooling: I had fresh, homemade donuts with a greek yogurt and honey dipping sauce… Also, while stuffing my face with roasted beet and goat cheese salad at Tiny’s No. 5, I spotted Lance McCullers Jr., Astros pitcher, having dinner with his family!

Rediscover America Houston Texas Homemade Donuts Greek Food

While my trip was a little bit more baseball-focused, I heard about a lot of great destinations to check out on my next trip – and there WILL be a next trip! Their National Zoo is rated one of the top ten zoos in the nation, featuring over 4,500 exotic animal species. Or if you want to see animals in their natural habitat, you can take a boat tour out to Waugh Drive Bridge at dusk to see 250,000 bats fly into the night sky.

Rediscover America Houston Texas Waugh Drive Bridge Bats

Houston also has over 56,400 acres of parks! I was lucky enough to mosey on through to the gorgeous Hermann Park Conservancy – one of Houston’s most historically significant public green spaces. I wish I had the time to walk on the 35-acer Kemah Boardwalk and peek into all the themed restaurants and retail shops. And if my son was a decade or so younger, I would have totally taken him to the Children’s Museum of Houston where there is an exhibit called Kidtropolis where kids can run their own city! My nephew also told me about Houston’s newest hotel, The Marriott Marquis which features a rooftop lazy river in the shape of Texas!

Rediscover America Houston Texas Marriott Marquis Lazy River

All in all, what I think would draw me back to Houston the most was the people. Even though we were a group of Dodgers fans in the home of the Astros, the locals always greeted us with warm welcomes and an overall tone of “we hope you are enjoying our city as much as we do.” Just months after the devastation that Hurricane Harvey brought to this city, the community has shown such an inspiring strength during a time of tragedy. I can only imagine the number of hours and volunteers it’s taking to help this city recover, but they are doing an amazing job! Honestly, had I not known about the hurricane prior to my visit, I would have never guessed. Houston is a fun, clean, welcoming city that I can’t wait to go back to!

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