Traveler Trends for 2018

Traveler Trends for 2018 Ice Cave Extreme Trips

Traveler Trends for 2018

As the final months of 2017 approach, it’s time to start thinking about what your 2018 will look like. Will you cross a few things off your bucket list? Will you escape to a new land for a month? Draw some inspiration from these traveler trends and let me know where you’d like to go!

1. Extreme Trips: For the traveler who isn’t satisfied by “normal” trips. A day at the beach? No, thank you. How about hanging out with gorillas in an African forest or dropping from a helicopter onto a snow-covered mountain?

Traveler Trends in 2018 Latin America Wildlife

2. Wildlife In Latin America: With Latin America being covered in 2.1 million square miles of Amazon Rainforest, of course it’s the destination to go to for wildlife. Get up close with brown-throated sloths or find out how big a giant anteater really is.

3. A Trip To Achieve A Life-Long Goal: Check one (or several) things off your bucket list in 2018! Learn Spanish then practice in Spain. Take off to Peru and climb up Machu Picchu. Challenge yourself with a new adventure!

Traveler Trends in 2018 Remote Luxury Wilderness Lodge

4. Remote Luxury: You don’t have to go camping to escape the crowds. Find refuge on a private island resort or a five star wildness lodge.

5. Longer Trips: Leave your watch in the hotel. Take a generous amount of time off to actually slow down and take in the sights and culture.

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